Monday, March 19, 2007

One Year Later

It's always interesting when you can look back at a specific moment in your life and remember who, what, where and when. For us lately, it's been our one year anniversary coming up on Sunday.

It's totally mind blowing to me that what we've been though so far has only taken place over the span of one year.

It was exactly 52 weeks ago today (not actually one calendar year, that would make it tomorrow), that Natasha and I flew off to Calgary to find a place to live. We would then arrive back in Hamilton late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning to finish planning the wedding that we had to move up 7 months. Friday was our rehearsal for the wedding, and Saturday was the big day. Sunday was a 'catch your breath' day, and Monday morning we were off to Calgary!

Little did we know that almost 6 months to the day, we would be coming back to Hamilton to start over...again.

Since we've been back, there have been ups, downs and all arounds. But I'm extremely happy with the way that my life has turned out so far, I have an amazingly beautiful wife (I married up), a family that is so supportive of me (sometimes I don't think I deserve it) and a job that I'm working at being passionate about (it's coming, slow and steady). I wouldn't change anything I've done, not a chance. I once heard, 'you have to regret nothing, and fear less'. I try, but sometimes the second thing can be sort of difficult...but everyone will make it through.

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patsyrose said...

You were an amazingly wonderful child and you've become an amazingly wonderful man. I love you and am so darned proud to be your Gramma!