Friday, March 2, 2007

Angelina Jolie Adopts Again

I heard on the news this morning that Angelina Jolie wants to adopt another foreign child. Now, don't get me wrong, adoption is a wonderful thing, but don't you think that she should have to go through the motions just like everyone else?

The last time her and Brad Pitt decided to adopt a child, they jumped on a plane and flew right into his village and took him home. This doesn't really sit well with me, they should have to wait just like everyone else. There are people who cannot have children who have waited years for an adopted child to come into their lives, people wait endlessly for their turn. But, if you have a few bucks and are famous, you can just go to the African Orphan Drive-Thru and pick one up and take him home today!

I think that if you want to adopt a child, which is a great idea, you should have to submit your paperwork and wait along with everyone else. That's just the way things go in this world...for the rest of us at least.

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patsyrose said...

And Madonna was able to take a child, despite his father's objections, and cart him back to the States. I'm sure if she underwent any kind of in-depth tests they'd find out she's about as unfit as they come. But money talks so heaven help those poor innocent children.