Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Am So Sore

Yesterday, I went to the Church to help them build the set for their Easter production. Now, this sounds like a fairly simple feat right? Wrong.

If you haven't ever seen the sets that this guy comes up with, you would be shocked. Now, Bethel is a huge Church, they've got huge budgets for stuff like this, so they can sort of push the envelope a bit.

There are two huge set pieces flanking either side of where the choir stands. The one is a platform that is 8 feet deep, 20 feet wide and 8 feet off the ground. This is where I will be performing in the Last Supper scene.

The other monstrosity on the other side has two uses. First, there is the underside, being used as Jesus' tomb. This part is 12 feet deep, 20 feet long and about 6 feet high. Sitting on top of that is the Calvary's cross scene. This, again is 12 feet deep, 20 feet wide, but this time, the set reaches an additional 12 feet in the air, so we're looking at a set piece that is 12 feet deep, 20 feet long and 18 feet high. You try and get strong enough lumber up that high.

I never claimed to be in the best condition, but I can't remember feeling this sore after any kind of physical work before, except after Sledge Hockey. I'm not an old man, but today, I sure feel like one.

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