Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm A Real Broker Now

While I was in a fellow Broker's office last week complaining to his Assistant about the slow laptop that I have to use, I said to her, "...I can't wait to get my own office with real computers." Knowing of course that I wouldn't be doing so until closer to the end of the year. She then replied, "...Well, maybe you should move down to Stoney Creek." Apparently, the Broker that was working out of the Stoney Creek office quit last month. So, I, being the resourceful one, called my IR Development Specialist to see if I could take over the office...she was on vacation until the 20th...great, I have to wait all weekend to find out.

So, Monday morning comes around, and I can't wait one more day to find out. So I called my Regional Leader and asked him what he thought of the idea. I mean, this is a great opportunity, there aren't any other Edward Jones Brokers in Stoney Creek, the area hasn't been doorknocked in a while, AND there is another Broker moving closer to my current area in a few weeks. So, my Regional Leader made a few calls and the guy at Head Office that handles office placements called me back.

All of the current assets that had been in the office had been reallocated to other offices in Hamilton already, so there wasn't going to be a current client base to work with. Oh well. But, they were pleased to see that someone was taking the initiative in asking for the office, so they offered it to me. All I have to do is qualify for 'office status', just like everyone else in my class. But the difference being that as soon as I do, I get the keys to the office. My fellow classmates would have to wait for the lease negotiations, the surveying and the build-out, which takes upwards of 6 months. So, good for me.

I will be starting to prospect the Stoney Creek area today, hoping to find some people that are interested in a change. At least now, when people as me where my office is, I can give them a location that they actually know. That, at least in my mind, makes me a real broker now.


Kim said...

I am 'busting at the seams' proud of you.

Shelley said...

That's so awesome Nick! Way to grab the bull by the horns!
Love ya!

patsyrose said...

When do I get my brand new Mustang convertible?