Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, for only the second time in 7 years, I am technically unemployed. I have resigned from Edward Jones and am waiting to start back with Moores this coming week. There has only been one other time since I got my first job that I have been technically 'unemployed', and that was when I left Moores to come to Edward Jones.

So, in the last 7 years, I will have been unemployed for a grand total of 5 days. Now, that includes me working as part time and everything, but I think that it's quite impressive that someone as young as I am has been able to stay gainfully employed for that long.

I look at some of my friends, some of whom don't even have jobs, and I don't see how I could still be at school like they are. I mean, I have a real life now, I'm married (first of all my friends), have my own home (first of all my friends) and I have a full time job (first of all my friends). I look at most of the people I know and I see them worrying about final exams and next year's courses, and I think to myself, 'wow, I don't have to worry about any of that'. Instead, I have to worry about rent, hydro, food, credit cards, phone bills, cable bills and things of that nature.

Maybe the college life isn't so bad after all. Just kidding.

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Kim said...

Technically it's 'unemployed'not umemployed!
I swear you are a 40 year old in that young skin of yours. Good luck at Moores. You have to love what you do. Sometimes that is the more important than anything.