Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fake Christian Terrorists?

This has got to be one for the most ridiculous, offensive things I have ever heard.

A school in New Jersey had a mock school shooting the other day to test their preparedness for the actual event, should it ever happen. Sounds like a great idea, and to this point, I totally support it. It's the back-story that bothers me.

The story that the school board later released was as follows:

Two armed men, members of a Christian Fundamentalist group called 'The New Crusaders' storm a New Jersey school because one of the men's daughters was suspended from school for praying before class. The men wanted justice, so they went to the school, shot students and held others hostage in the school's media room.

Now, the armed men were played by two New Jersey police detectives, and the whole incident was approved by the school board, the police services board and the school's Principal. The school Superintendent released a statement the following day saying, "...we wanted to practice under circumstances that are as real as possible, so we can determine if we are capable of handling such a threat...".

Imagine if the school board portrayed Muslims or Jews as the gunmen? What kind of an outrage would that have caused? The fact that the Superintendent wanted it 'as real as possible' is even a joke, because students cannot be suspended for praying before, during or after classes anyway.

So really, this was just a cheap attack on Christianity, there was no need for such an elaborate back-story to be woven by people that just don't get it.


patsyrose said...

They all thought they were being "politically correct" but didn't consider that insulting Christians was also not politically correct. We've all gotten afraid to say anything about anyone these days.

No matter which group they chose someone would have been mad at them. They were in a no win situation and the fact that they actually chose Christians to be the bad guys is kind of funny.

Shelley said...

The military performs such drills constantly and "play" terrorists don't need a religion to identify's a shame religion of any kind was brought into this. There's PC and then there's common sense. I think whoever came up with this "brilliant" plan was a moron. Not too PC of me I suppose! :-)