Thursday, April 5, 2007


Since I started going to Bethel a few years ago, I have become very involved in the Technical Department. I've taken over the AV Team and I have been heavily involved in the production that they put on at Christmas and Easter. This has allowed me to become close with the Music Pastor.

He and I have worked together on more than 8 productions, and every Sunday during services. I have also been very blessed to be able to confide in him when I need some serious advice. I have gone to him with issues ranging from the death of my Grandfather to whether going to Calgary with Natasha was the right thing to do. He also offered his services for our wedding, he arranged for himself and a violinist to play Natasha and the Bride's Maids down the aisle. He has always been very open and understanding towards my unique situations.

He has recently helped me to straighten out some issues I've been having with work, and I've gotta tell you, I always feel like something was resolved when I finish talking to him. He always seems to organize my thought process an allow me to think more clearly.

I think that he and I jive so well because of the simple fact that we think the same in many ways and we also have similar personalities. This is a great comfort to me, having someone that is very much like me, but is totally removed from the direct situation that they can give impartial advice.

He has helped me to get through many tough decisions in the passed few years, and I don't think he'll ever know how truly appreciated his advice really is.


Kim said...

What a wonderful bond. It really is a blessing...probably because you are so special.

Kim said...

i ALSO THINK YOU MEAN "ADVICE". rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

patsyrose said...

Sometimes it's best to ask advice of a friend rather than a relative because relatives are usually too close to you to be objective. I'm glad you've found a good friend whose advice you respect.

But remember that your Gramma loves you dearly and would never give you bad advice.

Shelley said...

Here's some advice - print up this blog and hand it to him. I'm sure it will make him so happy!!
Love ya Toots! :-)