Monday, April 16, 2007

Change Happens

It's been a few days since my last blog, and I have to apologize for it. I have been crazy busy with Edward Jones, whether it be Regional Meetings or Group Meetings. I have been from one end of the golden horseshoe to the other in the last few days and have put several hundred kilometres on my car in doing so.

Anyhow, as you may know, I have been having some issues with my current working situation. Recently, I met with a friend to talk about my problems and his solution was that maybe I should call Moores and see if they'll hire me back? I really enjoyed being at Moores for the most part, a lot more than Edward Jones I'll tell you that much.

So I called the District Manager for the Hamilton/Niagara Region and asked if he would be interested in meeting with me. After a bit of phone tag we finally were able to have a sit down meeting. He seems like a nice enough guy, he's a new District Manager, the one prior to him was moved to Toronto. Anyhow, he's a real straight-shooter, and I like that, he doesn't give you the 'Corporate Runaround', he says it like it is. After a couple of meetings, he decided to hire me back, but not as Management yet, I have to prove myself first, which is understandable.

So, to make a real long story short, I'll be starting back up at Moores next week in the St.Catharines location. Not my first choice, but there are worse stores I could be working at, at least here I'll be making decent money. Within 2-3 months I should be back into Management and on my way to running the company once again.

Sometimes change happens, I'm learning that you just have to roll with the punches.

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