Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl XLI...continued

Well, the game is in the books, the Indianapolis Colts are your Super Bowl XLI champs. To further my point from yesterday about the 'importance' of the game itself, we didn't even get to see the trophy presentation! All of Canada was watching the Super Bowl on Global TV, who was getting the signal broadcast to them from CBS in the States. No sooner did we see Peyton Manning and his team begin to celebrate their victory over the Chicago Bears, Global cuts to commercial and the next thing we see is Howie Mandel giving his into to the new Deal or No Deal Canada. This really made the whole game feel like a cheap means to an end, the end being the premiere of Deal or No Deal Canada. Now, that being said, Deal or No Deal Canada was a great show, the first contestant (whose shirt obviously wasn't available in Extra Extra Small I guess) walked away with $109,000...great show...very entertaining. But I think that the fact that Global didn't feel the need to show the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Colts was a little silly. Oh well, life goes on.


Kim said...

Welcome to blogging my love. Ya, we are amazing (lol).

patsyrose said...

I love it!!! But how about talking about your feelings? LOL!