Monday, February 26, 2007

Britney in Rehab, or Luxury Hotel?

Back in my day, when we went to rehab, it wasn't for a Swedish massage, or high thread count linens, gourmet meals or private rooms with a view of the beach. It was to kick an addiction once and for all. In my opinion, rehab should be somewhere that you can go to escape the lifestyle that has triggered the addiction (in her case it would be the incredibly posh lifestyle that she had lead since she became famous...or infamous, I can never remember). She should be in a shared room with someone going through the same thing so that they can share and help to heal eachother, with doctors that can treat her sickness, not treat her like a princess.

Britney Spears has checked herself into rehab not once, not twice, but three times now, and has finally made it over the 24 hour mark. Mostly due to the fact that if she doesn't clean up, K-Fed is going to take sole custody of their two kids. Now, Britney, in my humble opinion, has totally gone off the deep end. Remember the days when the most scandalous thing that she did was deny that she was still a 'good girl'?

Now, it seems like she's said, "...if ya can't beat 'em, give 'em what they want...", and sadly what 'they' want is to see her not wearing any panties, shaving her head, getting tattoos and going totally overboard with the whole 'single party-girl' thing. She must have forgotten about the two young babies she has sitting at home. Well, I guess it's the Nanny's problem when Brit's out on the town.

Hopefully, Britney can clean herself up, stay out of the papers for more than 2 minutes, and spend some quality time with her two babies before K-Fed takes them away. Now, K-Fed, that's a whole other ballgame, and you and I don't have the time or the patience to go over him, sheesh!


Kim said...

"Back in my day, when we went to rehab..."
Damn, you're more of a punk than she is! You never had to worry about going to rehab because you're a zillion times smarter, albiet a zillion times more cynical too.
It IS always a horrible tragedy when there are innocent kids involved.

Shelley said...

Hee Hee

Can't believe your mom called you a punk! LOL

Of course, she's right! :-)
Love ya Punk!

patsyrose said...

Feel a little compassion for her. She's suffering, even if it was brought on by herself.

I agree "back in YOUR day"????? You're still in "your" day and you've chosen to live your life in a good and productive way. Smart cookie!