Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Tonight, more than 100 million people will plop themselves in front of their television sets and watch the Chicago Bears take on the Indianapolis Colts play for the most coveted prize in professional football...or will they? If you go into any grocery store, and ask any random person who is buying that last minute bag of chips, what they will be watching for tonight, you would be surprised to find that most people will tell you that they will be watching for the Super Bowl commercials, or Prince's half-time show, or Billy Joel singing the national anthem. The Super Bowl has become so much more than just a football game, in fact, it seems to me that the game has become so secondary to all of the other hoop-la that surrounds the game, that I don't think that anyone would notice if the game itself didn't even take place! Who can remember who won the Super Bowl two years ago?...I can't. I do remember that Janet Jackson's boob popped out though. Who watches the Super Bowl for the game anymore? I feel sorry for the players who have been preparing their whole careers for this moment, they're about to be over shaddowed by some $2.3 million dollar commercial, a washed up pop star who can't keep his own name straight...and a Piano Man.

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