Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prince Harry

I read yesterday that Prince Harry will lead a Tank Unit into Iraq, does this sound like a huge publicity stunt to anyone else? Is this 'Prince' really going to go into Iraq and get his butt blown off by some roadside bomb? Seriously, he's probably got some Royal Photographer taking some pictures of him is his uniform with a helmet on sitting in some tank looking all serious like he's really going to blow something up...come on now.

When he's actually deployed, he'll do some cushy laundry duty or something where he can say that he 'fought' in Iraq and 'supported' the cause. In my opinion, this is all just smoke and mirrors for Tony Blair to say that he's even got 'Royal' support for this blunder called the war in Iraq. But that blunder is another Blog for another day. For now, let's just all send Harry our best regards for his tough road ahead washing the real Soldier's socks.

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