Sunday, March 16, 2008

Feeling Beat Up

I have a boss that has absolutely no people skills whatsoever. He feels the need to latch onto things and pick at you about them until you feel like hanging yourself, I've had two of these occasions this passed week.

Like the fool that I am, when he's like this, I just take it for what it's worth, but when a couple of the guys at the store told be that they didn't like seeing me as depressed as I was, I went to Bill, the store manager, and told him how I felt. Now, he feels for our DM the way that I feel, so I really know what I was going to hear before Bill even said anything.

I came to work on Friday, still feeling quite down and uninspired when I get a call from my DM. He basically apologized for the last couple of conversations that we've had and told me that he was only being tough on me because I was the best and brightest in the region and that I was next in line to get my own store. So, in whatever twisted way, I guess it made me feel better.

The only downfall to being next in line is that I might be asked to move again. As a matter of fact, he came down on Friday afternoon and wanted to know my 'radius' for any positions that may come up...but that's a different blog for a different time.


Kim said...

You are my sunshine. Rise to the challenge and show them. I know you can and I know you will.

patsyrose said...

No job is permanent. If you can't be happy with your work you need to consider changing jobs because "work" takes up half of your waking life.

In every job there is a jerk who has a Hitler complex so maybe now that your "Hitler" knows how he's affecting you he'll lay off.

In any case, you're a strong, intelligent, and good man. Don't accept crap from anyone.