Thursday, February 7, 2008

...Back Home

Once upon a time, there was a young Assistant Manager who was just starting out. He was naieve and believed just about anything people would tell him. He was working in one of the largest stores on Southern Ontario, and was on the fast track to making it big. Although he would work in many stores since then, the people and the location would always be near and dear to his heart.

Well, effective January 13th, I went home. I'm now back in the Hamilton area as the Assistant Manager in the Stoney Creek store. Now, granted, I'm a little more jaded and far less naieve, but it's still great to be 'home'. I didn't find out until after I started back at the store, but the Manager, Bill, asked for me by name to come and be his Assistant. It was really nice to know that someone liked me enough to ask for me by name.

Now, on a side note, the tool that they had as the Assistant Manager in St.Catharines quit because she was going to be moved to a much smaller volume store. Too bad, eh? It wasn't until after she quit that the District Manager told us that it was a mistake to hire her (I could have told him that long ago).

Bus oh well, I'm happy to be back, the people are great and so is the drive, it's less than 15 minutes from door to door. My bank account is also much happier because I'm no longer filling up every 3 days. And at almost $1.00/litre, that's the best news of all.


patsyrose said...

You are absolutely wonderful and deserve nothing but the best. I could be prejudiced, though.


Kim said...

Love reading your stuff. Wish you would write more often. When you are happy, I am happier.

Shelley said...

Yeah you!!
So glad to have a new blog from ya too!
Love ya!