Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleepless in Hamilton

So, it has been 3 days since Nolan was born and we haven't had a great night's sleep yet. This isn't anything unexpected as far as sleep goes, we were expecting some interrupted nights. What we weren't counting on is him staying up ALL night. We didn't get any sleep at all on Saturday night, we were up the whole time. Last night was a little bit better, but we still only managed a couple of hours each.

What I have been doing the last couple of days is having Diane (Natasha's Mom) come down in the morning to look after Nolan so I can go home and get some shut-eye and at the same time, Natasha doesn't have to worry about him, so she can sleep too.

The problem with this is that I feel like such a heel when I leave.

I can handle a lot of things in a lot of different circumstances, but for whatever reason, I can't seem to focus on being positive with Natasha & Nolan when I'm exhausted. I try my best to keep my absences to a minimum amount of time, I really do want to be there for Natasha.

The other upsetting thing that we are dealing with is Nolan's constant weight loss. To date, he has lost 10.3% of this birth weight and the Hospital will not let us go home until he can at the very least maintain or even gain some weight.

This would be an easier task if it were not for a couple of problems. First, Natasha delivered via C-Section, this means that her body didn't get a chance to secrete all of the necessary hormones that signal the breastmilk to start flowing. Secondly, Nolan is absolutely miserable to try and feed late at night. He gets really restless and does little else, but cry.

We are hoping and praying that when the Nurses weigh him tomorrow morning that he will have stopped and hopefully even reversed his weight loss so we can take him home. And hopefully Natasha can start producing more breastmilk today so we can have him eating more frequently and therefore theoretically gain some weight.

I hope that the next blog I write is one telling you that he gained a bunch of weight and that he's safe and sound at home. We'll see.

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Kim said...

He is so very beautiful! Thank you both for bringing him into my life. He will be perfectly fine and so will both of you. It's always such a tough couple of weeks in the beginning.