Monday, April 20, 2009

Roller Coaster

So, things are going pretty well for me right now. I just keep getting these days when I feel like I have become nothing but a complete failure in life. I look at the people around me that have finished school and have gone on to work at their dream job somewhere, and feel like I'm just sitting here watching life pass me by.

Now, I don't feel like hanging myself off of the shower bar if that's the impression I'm giving, I just feel down sometimes, that's all. My wife has been incredible through all of this, she's been really patient and understanding when I just need some time to myself.

Hopefully, things will turn around and something will happen. I guess I just need to go out and make it happen.


Kim said...

not likely to come knocking on your door...get out and make it happen. I know it will, you are incredibly smart and sometimes "too") mature. Keep that chin up and when it gets tough, just one foot infront of the other...
Love mucho

An old friend said...

I'm sorry to hear things are still going tough for you, try to remain positive. I can only imagine how hard it is for you after what happened, but you are stronger than you think you are. You will get through this (and you have a baby on the way, how many of those people finished school with their dream jobs can say that?)

As for those people, the grass is always greener. Life is never as perfect as it appears to be. Trust me, I know. I'm sure you would consider me one of those people living their dream, and I am, but it doesn't mean I don't yearn for a simpler life sometimes.

If nothing else Nick it is the faith and belief you have — that you've always had — in yourself that will carry you through this. You are living your dreams, you just can't see it yet.

patsyrose said...

Almost 25 and you think you've missed the boat??? You have a world of opportunities ahead of you, my darlin', and many, many years to settle on one of them.