Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Name

We finally did it, we agreed on a suitable name for the baby. His name will be Nolan Dennis Albert Cleroux. He will be named after both of our Grandfathers. We're excited that we've moved through this crucial step in the process and can now focus on getting everything ready for Nolan when he arrives in late June/early July. That's all for now.


Kim said...

Your Grandpa would be beaming as bright as can be. Little Nolan is being born into an amazing family who has waited for him for a very long time.

patsyrose said...

I hoped so much you'd use Grampa's name but would have understood if you hadn't. He loved you more than you can ever know and he'd love little Nolan just as much.

I wonder if Natasha would let him tie Nolan to a rope and hoist him up to the roof, though!!!


Shelley said... Pops would have been so tickled. What a blessed little boo Nolan already is!
Love you to bits!