Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It has happened, after 5 years of plugging away in this business, I have finally been rewarded with my own store.

Effective this coming Monday, I will take control of the Burlington North location. Now, it's a relatively new store, so it poses some real pros and cons.

First the Pros:

It's a newer store, nicely finished.
It's a relatively young staff.
The previous Manager sucked, a low threshold of success
With the growing volume being put out, that means lots of bonuses
More money

Now the Cons:

The staff have been notoriously lazy
They're a relatively low volume store, only about $1,200,000
It's a complete unknown (the people and the area)

Other than those few things, I think that this is going to be a really exciting time for me. I've worked long and hard for this and I've finally made it. Now it's time to start looking for that District Manager job. There's no rest for the wicked I guess.


Kim said...

Sky is the limit baby if you put your mind to it. Just remember to stop and smell the roses (or kiss the baby cheeks) on the way. I am so proud of you!

Kim said...'s not a wrestling career!!! It will be a very long time till you live that one down:)