Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Shopping

It is probably the most humbling experience one can have, when you start shopping for your first home. Natasha and I started looking around for a nice place to live, somewhere on the mountain preferably.

But whichever house we seem to look at, they're all like a million dollars. We're looking to spend $160,000 - $18o,000, that should keep the payments relatively reasonable. The trouble is, for that kind of money, the houses are surprisingly tiny...I mean really tiny.

There are a couple that Natasha has found that are pretty nice and reasonablly affordable, we'll see how they work out.

So, the search goes on, hopefully we'll be able to find something that will allow us to have enough room to start a family. Wish us luck!

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patsyrose said...

There is absolutely nothing wiser for a young couple to invest in than their own home. Don't worry about "tiny". You won't be there forever and it will still be a terrific investment in the end.