Monday, September 10, 2007

One Good Thing To Know

I know I haven't 'blogged' much lately, but today I felt the itch to type again. I got an E-Mail from a good friend of mine, she told me what her father had just passed away after a long battle with cancer. Reading that brought back a whole bunch of memories that I would rather not remember, but nevertheless, there they were all over again.

I started thinking about cancer and why it has to do what it does to people, and I know I remember thinking that this is such an evil thing, all I wanted the cancer to to was die.

Then I had a rather sudden realization, it has. Even though it had to take someone with it, that tumor has died, it will never again harm another human being. So, however twisted the victory may have been, I can now count three cancers that will never again harm another human being. And for whatever reason, that gives me some sort of a feeling of victory, although there are some people I'd rather be sharing a laugh with, rather than a victory without them.

This stuff still sucks.


Kim said...

You are way too young to have had so many losses in such a short time. Something my Mom told my, and your Mom will tell you is...Life is not fair. Hang on to memories forever but hang on tighter to fun times. Squeeze every ounce out of them. You are old beyond your years but you are still my baby.

patsyrose said...

Write often, sweetie, because it helps to clear your thoughts. Putting them into the typed word seems to be cathartic for some reason. And it also helps those of us who read your blog to know what you're thinking.

Like your Momma says, enjoy your life to the fullest. Be happy!